Why Not Get a Gift Voucher for Someone You Love?

Starting May 1st, Sunshine Senior Services will be offering Gift Vouchers.

So often we do not have any idea what to get for our parents, grandparents, aunts or uncles that they will enjoy and some value out of.

 Why not purchase them a Gift Voucher to use Sunshine Senior Services?

Sunshine Senior Services offers driving and companionship services in Lethbridge as well as out of town.  We will come pick you up right at your door, get you where you need to be, provide assistance while you are there (if you request this service) and then get you back home and comfortable again.

We have clients that have hired our service because they are NOT available to take their parents to the doctor, or to other errands and outings.  Sometimes this is because they don’t live in Lethbridge; other times, they are already swamped with their own career and family commitments.  Even though these clients aren’t available, they still want and need their loved one to be taken care of, feel comfortable and have their needs met.

This is where Sunshine Senior Services comes in.

We want to fill that gap when you aren’t available, and you need to ensure that your family member is taken care of with compassionate personalized services that they feel comfortable with.

Mother’s Day is the perfect opportunity to purchase a gift voucher and give us a try.  You can either get in touch with us through Facebook, our website, our by giving us a call, or you can come down to the LSCO for the Live Well Showcase May 4th and 5th.  We will have a booth set up and would love to meet you and answer all of your questions.

We hope to talk with you soon.

With Warmth and Respect,

Linda and Heather


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