About Us

Welcome to Sunshine Senior Services, thank you for stopping by!

Sunshine Senior Services is a company based in Lethbridge and serving Lethbridge and area.  We can help you by providing:

  1. We can fill in the gap to help you when your own family/network is unavailable.
  2. Personalized door through door driving services for doctors appointments, shopping and errands.
  3. Out of town driving services to your doctor, specialist, or airport delivery.

Our Mission Statement is:
Enabling seniors to stay active in their daily lives and passions by providing reliable, affordable, compassionate transportation and assistance services in Lethbridge and Southern Alberta.

More than that, we are daughters.

Sunshine Senior Services came into existence because although we are grateful and blessed to be able to help our parents and family members as they age, we see so many seniors that simply do not have that support available to them.

Hello from Linda Campbell

Linda has over 30 years experience in the fields of home care, palliative care, and foster care.  Over the last several years she has watched her parents age and has been able to help them through the stages of losing some of their freedom and mobility.  Just recently they have moved into a seniors lodge and realized what an enormous task that is to undertake, if you have no supports.

Hello from Heather Masson


Heather brings over 20 years experience in being a caregiver and providing assistance to seniors needs, children with special needs and disabilities. Heather’s background also includes business management and operation.

Linda and Heather both have up to date first aid and CPR certificates as well as up to date criminal records checks.  References available upon request.

We are both grateful for the opportunity to be available for our own parents and family members as they age and need greater helps and supports.  We see the most prominent need right now is for our parents to get to appointments and have someone accompany and be a liaison during those appointments, as well to assist with shopping, errands and staying active in the community.

Many sons and daughters do not always have the ability to be this support for their parents or family members.  For whatever that reason, ( you do not live here, or you have time constraints in your own career and family commitments) you still want and need your parents to live a full and active life.  We want to be able to help you bridge  that gap.

It is our desire to see our seniors living healthy full lives and to continue to enjoy their hobbies, and passions for as long as possible.  We would love to be that “rent-a-daughter” to help you to accomplish exactly that.

Our service will be built on integrity, respect and compassion. We will custom design our service for you to your specific needs and abilities.  We can provide individualized driving/companion/liaison services  to seniors and people with disabilities who can no longer manage this on their own but want to retain as much independence as possible.

Please call us to book an appointment, or to have any your questions answered.

We look forward to speaking with you,


Linda and Heather