Make a Friend Day

So  often, especially during these cold winter months we feel cooped up, and alone.  One of the best ways to cure that is to get out and meet some new friends.  There are many valuable resources in Lethbridge where seniors can go to get out of the house, join in on some fun activities, and meet new friends.

The Lethbridge Senior Citizen Organization is a very valuable resource here in Lethbridge for our seniors.  They have just published the February LSCO Times with all sort of classes and groups that  may peak your interest.  Getting involved in a group or two is an excellent way to meet new people that share some of your interests.  The LSCO also has a fantastic dining room with great meals and a great price so you can get together and have coffee with your new friends.

The Lethbridge Association for the Blind LAB also hosts monthly dinners and barbecues for their members.

Your Local Church will often offer social events such as a luncheon or pot-luck dinner.

The Norbridge Senior Center is another great resource for seniors in our community to get out and make a new friend.  In fact, they are having a Chinese New Year Buffet coming up this Friday February 16th.

The Royal Canadian Legion is another great place to gather and meet new friends.  You do not have to be a veteran to join, and they have a list of events that including things like Crib, Shuffleboard, Coffee  and more.


Planning to get out and get involved in your community is a great way to stay active and healthy not to mention it will help shake these winter blahs away.  Many of these places will offer transportation however if you do need a ride, you can always give us a call and we’d be happy to get you there!

We would love to hear from you….  where do you go to get out and meet new friends, as well as get involved in something fun?


With Warm and Respect,

Linda and Heather




Do You Have a Car Cane?


Getting in and out of the car can get a bit tricky on this snow and ice,  adding to that any mobility issues you may have makes matters worse.


Here at Sunshine, we’ve found this tool called a Car Cane that makes things much easier.  This handy tool fit into the latch of your car door giving you an extra handle and leverage to hold onto when getting in and out of the car.


They come in different shapes and styles, some of them have flash lights as well.  When you aren’t using the car cane, it will fit in the car door storage compartment, or in your glove box.


Check out which style would best suit your needs by clicking here:  Seniors Car Cane