Summer is a Time for Holidays and for Family

Isn’t summer the best time for making family memories?


Going on vacation, going camping, or to the lake with family and friends.  It is also such an important time to make those good memories with your own children.  But it can be difficult when you are in that “sandwich generation” where you are caring for both the needs of your children and your parents.

Sometimes it is hard to get away when you worry about your parents at home.  Especially if you are looking after many of their care needs for things like grocery shopping, errands, doctors appointments or just stopping by to visit with them and make sure everything is okay.

Door Through Door Service

We can help you with that.

We have several clients that are wanting to do just that, head out of town on vacation.  We are able to schedule times to stop by and check on your parents,  pick up groceries, run errands or whatever they need.

Let Sunshine Senior Services be an added support for you when occasionally you are not able to manage all of the care needs for your parents.  We can set up something that is exactly suited to meet your parents and your needs.  We are very flexible in the service delivery options that are available to you.

ServicesIn addition to being a “senior driving service” Sunshine Senior Services can provide companionship, and check-ins to help you ensure that your parents needs are being met.

Give us a call today.


With Warmth and Respect,

Linda and Heather




3 Months Old and the Reviews are Coming

It’s hard to believe that Sunshine Senior Services will have officially been in business for 3 months at the end of June.

These first 3 months passed very quickly.  We have been having a wonderful time getting to know some of our regular clients and building a rapport and relationship with them.

Our service is all about ensuring that our clients feel comfortable, cared for, and that they have their needs met.

Jim lives in Manitoba.  He found out about our service and has started using us to help his mother who lives here in Lethbridge.  Because of the distance, Jim is unable to take his mom to appointments and errands, and was at a loss as how best to meet her needs when other family members are unavailable.

We are happy to fill in the gap for Jim.  We have taken his mom out to several appointments and always looks forward to chatting with her and listening to her memories of years gone by.  She even took the time to make us these cute card holders.

Jim writes this about Sunshine Senior Services:

My mother recently moved into an assisted living facility in Lethbridge.  I live approximately 11 hours away from Lethbridge and currently oversee my mother’s financial affairs and care.  It can be very stressful trying to coordinate her many appointments.  I needed someone who could help me fill in the gap when my family network was unavailable.   I had often wished that I could locate someone who could: 

  1. Take mom to her appointments and brief me on the results
  2. Provide a very friendly support for mom going to and from those appointments

 I have no hesitation in saying that Sunshine Senior Services has more than exceeded those wishes.    It is so important to me to be able to “count on” someone who is caring and treats my mother well.  Heather and Linda do exactly what they say they will do which is “provide personalized door through door driving services for doctor’s appointments, shopping and errands.”  They make mom feel relaxed and treat her with dignity and respect.  I have come to depend on their caring, competent service because I am so far away.  After each appointment, they send me written briefing notes so that I am “up to speed”.  They are easily contacted and return messages quickly.  They have more than met my expectations.  In fact, I am not sure what I would do with them.

They are good people and I highly recommend their services.

 Jim Ferguson

Thank you Jim, for the kind words.  For us it’s about ensuring that your mom enjoys her outings with us and that she feels comfortable and cared for.

Kelly also lives far away (in Oklahoma) and is unable to be here in person for his dad.  When Kelly’s daughter got married he needed our help to make sure his dad could attend the wedding.

Kelly posted this review on our Facebook page:

A while ago, my dad needed a ride from Lethbridge to Great Falls so that he could fly down to Oklahoma for my daughter’s wedding. There would have been no way for him to make it otherwise. She was extremely patient and kind during the trip. She was also flexible when things didn’t go as planned. I highly recommend Heather.

These are just a few of the people we have been able to serve so far.


We ARE Daughters!


Our tag line says “Rent a Daughter”, and we don’t just use that line as a catchy marketing phrase ~ although it is fun to listen to all of your comments on it.  🙂

We say “Rent a Daughter” because we really mean it!

We have seen the struggles of our own aging parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles.  We know how it feels when you see your parent struggling but can’t always be available for them.  We treat your parent with the same dignity, respect and compassion that we treat our own parents with.

Please give us a call to day so we can answer all your questions, or book a service for you.  We hope to meet many more over you over the next 3 months as we continue to grow and become part of the Lethbridge community.


With Warmth and Respect,

Linda and Heather