Providing Companion Services for Seniors

We have being receiving a lot of calls lately, to provide companion services for individuals that need a bit of extra support when family can’t always be available.

We love to be able to serve families and help in this capacity.

With society the way it is, children of aging parents are often in a position where our parents (or loved ones) need extra help on the short term managing their day to day needs. We (the children) are not always able to manage the time required to provide this. Careers, life commitments, and our own children keep us from having as much time as we would like to be able to devote to helping our loved ones. It can be very stressful to try and manage all of our own commitments (that are often over taxing us already), as well as to provide adequate care for aging parents.

It is important to you to take care of your parents, and you likely feel a great pull and sense of responsibility toward making this happen.

This is where Sunshine Senior Services can help. We can provide that extra set of helping hands that you need to give you some peace of mind that your parents are being cared for.

Recently we have been working with families of clients that are in hospital or care facilities such as palliative care. We have clients who’s families live out of town, often out of province and are unable to be with them daily.

These clients have needed extra support and companionship to ensure they are eating and receiving adequate nutrition. Our team has been going in to help feed these sweet ladies, and spend time visiting and letting them know they are cared for on a daily basis. Unfortunately the nursing staff in these facilities are trying to tend to the medical needs of so many patients at one time they are not able to provide the one to one support that your loved one needs.

We come in and provide professional, compassionate care for your loved one. Our team provides families with peace of mind in knowing that their loved one is being care for on a daily basis when they can’t be with them. In many cases, we are also an advocate and liaison for your loved one on your behalf communicating needs to facility staff. We send family members daily updates so you are always aware of what is happening.

If you are in need of such support, please get in touch with Linda or Heather to discuss how we can help your family.

With Warmth and Respect,
Linda and Heather

May is Refer a Friend Month

Sunshine Senior Services has now been open for business for just over a month.  So far the positive feedback and popularity is growing quickly.  We do need your help though….


May is refer a friend month.  In order to get the word out about Sunshine Senior Services, we need your help and so we are doing a “Refer a Friend” giveaway this month.

During the month of May,  refer a friend and be entered to win a $25 Tim Horton’s Gift Card.
1. Spread the word and refer your friends to use one of the services provided by Sunshine Senior Services.
2. When the service is used, both you and the friend that tried us out based on your referral will each have your names entered in the draw to win.
3. On May 31, we will make a random draw from all the entries for the month of May.
4. The winner will get the $25 Tim Horton’s Gift Card.
This is our saying of saying thank you to you and the Lethbridge community.  

Go start telling all your friends about Sunshine Senior Services, help us spread the word and be entered for a chance to win some Timmies Treats!


Also, if you would like to “Meet the Daughters”, and have all of your questions answered about our service (before referring your friend), why not stop by to visit us at the Live Well Showcase being put on at the LSCO May 4 and 5.  While you are there, you can enter another door prize draw to be given away to attendees of the tradeshow.

We appreciate all of your wonderful comments, and thank you for your help of spreading the word.

With Warmth and Respect,

Linda and Heather